Our sustainability strategy goes beyond basic regulatory compliance. We have built targets and objectives aimed at the industry’s most significant areas of environmental impact, and we are continuously striving to improve upon our performance.

How We Make a Difference

As part of the Interoute group, we’ve contributed to the reduced consumption of virgin materials by 18% in the last three years alone, and saved enough energy to provide electricity for an average home for six weeks.

With a green future in mind, we are always looking for ways to better our products and processes. Even small measures, like enforcing idling restrictions to reduce fuel consumption, contribute to our end goal. More significant environmental strategies include:

  • Managing materials to reduce energy consumption
  • Promoting the use of recycled materials, thereby reducing the need for virgin aggregates
  • Using fly ash as an eco-friendly and effective replacement for cement
  • Engaging employees at all levels to contribute to an environmentally-responsible workplace

Interested in making your project more eco-friendly? We can offer products and solutions that are designed with sustainability in mind, from recycled content, to materials reuse and regional materials. If you’re aiming for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation, we’ll work with you to meet the certification requirements.

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Our guiding principles ensure we always operate in a responsible, respectful, environmentally conscious, and safe manner, within the organization and with our customers.

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By promoting the safest possible working conditions, we ensure the health and safety of both our employees and our customers.

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We will never compromise on product quality, which is why we can meet the strictest of requirements with zero loads rejected.

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Committing to a Greener Future

Environmental Mission Statement

We ensure that our environmental goals are achievable, measurable, and sustainable, and address important issues like recycling and greenhouse gases. Our goal: to not only comply with regulations, but to continuously strive for improved environmental management practices.

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